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Interactive Trivia Game (Reading Comprehension) and Writing Prompts for My Middle Grade Fiction Novel – Great for Your Book Club, Homeschool Reading Group or Enjoying Alone

I wrote this under a pen name a few years ago. It was a great joy doing so!

Enjoy the book and come back here and have fun with these writing prompts and/or playing the game (video below) with your book club, homeschool reading group or alone. 

WRITING PROMPTS – Choose one or as many as you’d like

1. If you could be invisible, how would you use it?
2. Imagine creating something to help others. What would it be?
3. Imagine losing something you treasure. How would you feel if you lost it? Would you appreciate it more? Then what it you found it again?
4. How can having friends help us appreciate each other’s differences?
5. Have you ever been determined to complete something or find out an answer to a question?

Interactive trivia game video and instructions


1 Point for each correct answer. Jot down your answers to keep score. You can also play alone to see how many points you get.

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