“Blessed be the LORD my strength which teaches my hands to war, and my fingers to make war,” [Psalm 144:1] through prayer and worship.

Many years ago the Lord gave me a word that I would write for Him. It’s been sixteen years since He spoke that to me.

June of this year, I fasted and prayed for twenty-one days for guidance, wisdom, and healing for my child and other children suffering from autism, PANS / PANDAS, and other neuroimmune disorders. As a result, He put a new fire in me to fervently pray and not give up for the healing of my son and the other children I am praying for. A won’t let go until I see His kingdom come, His will be done on earth as it is in heaven for souls, healing, His church.

Another outcome of the fast was Him resurrecting a dreamed that seemed deader than dead to me…

Recently He used a teenage grocery bag clerk to speak to me.

He said simply, “What do you do?”

“I am a teacher. I teach English to the most adorable students in China,” I said.

“Oh, when I saw you, I thought you were a writer,” he said.

Mind blown and choked up, I said, “Well, um, I do write. I mean. I have written.”

“Well, when I saw you I thought you were a writer. You look like a writer.”

I went to my car and wept because I knew the Lord used him (unbeknownst to him) to speak to me, and I knew it was time to write again.

The Lord has put a passion in me to write about…

  • Prayer and Intercession
  • Bible study (Jesus IS the Word, John 1:1;14)
  • Worship and praise (and worship and praise as spiritual warfare)
  • Faith and childlike faith
  • Spiritual gifts (healing, miracles, praying in the Spirit, dancing in the Spirit, prophetic gifts and words, etc.)
  • Writing
  • Encouragement
  • Defending the weak
  • Doing justice on the earth (e.g. activism against abortion and human trafficking, vaccine ingredients, being active in the earth to fight injustice / doing the Word as we pray, etc.)


I had a lot of walking it out to do before I could get here, and this is just the beginning, so with His help every step of the way, I pray I can honor and glorify Him with words.

~ His Warring Handmaid, 

Daphne M. Lane