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MATT 2 13-14

Now when they had departed, behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream, saying, “Arise, take the young Child and His mother, flee to Egypt, and stay there until I bring you word; for Herod will seek the young Child to destroy Him.” When he arose, he took the young Child and His mother by night and departed for Egypt.

MATTHEW 2:13-14

A few years ago when I was writing my first book, a fiction, middle grade, mystery novel, I knew with certainty by the Holy Spirit that I was to write it under a pen name because of the abuse God delivered me and my son from and my son was still a minor.

I’m working on another book now, a non-fiction prayer book, and was talking to the Lord about it and said, “Maybe it’s time to publish this book under my given name,” and I immediately sensed a strong warning in my spirit about it. So I sought the Lord and prayed for James 1 wisdom expecting to hear from Him on the matter to confirm if I or He was the source of the dread-like feeling.

Within 24 hours, I was walking and praying and He gave me Matthew 2:13-14 (above) on the matter as the answer which gave me a sudden knowing by the Holy Spirit how I was to proceed on the matter. Using those verses, I knew that I was to continue to publish my current work in progress under a pen name because God was showing me that it was for the protection of my son in some way. Not sure if it was to do with our abusive past from my ex-husband / his father or because my son is currently disabled, but I am 100% certain of how the Lord directed me on the matter.

Then within a few days of the Matthew 2:13-14 word of confirmation and direction, He gave me another real world example to yet again confirm it. I was reading something about C.S. Lewis then saw that he too published a non-fiction book about grief under a pen name regarding all he went through when his wife died.

God knew I would obey Him and follow His guidance from the first word He gave me, but He also knew there was some sadness connected to still having to use a pen name because I didn’t like that we were still required to be in hiding in a sense. But God even required it of His own Son, and it was all out of love and for His protection and to fulfill prophecy. But seeing this example further comforted me. God is good.

Soon after the second confirmation, I was reading a woman’s testimonies on how God used her, a simple woman who cleaned homes and businesses, to lay hands on the sick and see them healed. The very first testimony I read that the woman she laid hands on whom God raised up from a wheelchair asked her, “What is your name?” And the woman said, “It doesn’t matter what my name is? Jesus healed you.” Wow! Her words blew me away and deeply impacted me because I am not writing, serving, working, or doing anything to make a name for myself, so it doesn’t really matter what name I publish under but that anything I do, I do for the glory of the Lord and unto the Lord.

Reading the Word of course is simply doing just that. This testimony is an example of God using His Word to speak to me through it and give me a knowing of wisdom. He is faithful, and when we really care to do His will and obey Him, we can count on hearing from Him for direction when we ask. I pray this testimony blessed you and helps you the next time you need wisdom from the Lord.

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choose amusement

The gift of laughing at myself was given to me by my mother. She’s been in the U.S. over forty years and still has a thick Hispanic accent and says the FUNNIEST things and makes the FUNNIEST mistakes and always laughs at herself. Like asking me the instructions to something for the zillionth time and reciting it to me, and STILL getting it so wrong, so very wrong that we cry laughing together.

Also, I’ve been correcting her English from the time I was a toddler, and we find humor in it and her hilarious pronunciations.

So today, I had the most difficult time taking a serious photo of myself. One of my eyes would do something weird in one photo, then it would be my hair.

Laughter party of one.

I quickly clicked those photos of me laughing because it’s so important to laugh. I’ve been through some dark times, and the Lord had to remind me to choose joy, laughter, and to be easily amused, so I do, and it truly helps.

A merry heart does good, like medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones” (Proverbs 17:22). 

Laughter keeps our spirits from withering up.

The Word says God laughs 

We are made in the image of God, so, of course He laughs. Some say, in disbelief, that the Lord would never cause someone to laugh with joy under the Holy Spirit, but I call, unbelief. I call fitting God into their comfort level. I call limiting God. I call God’s Word says “a merry heart does good, like medicine,” and He would and has for me touched me with His power and caused me to laugh so hard I couldn’t stop. Because He loves me, because He wants me well. Because it was an answer to my prayer to take away the pain and darkness and oppression I felt under the weight of things I went through that I thought would kill me. He used God-powered laughter, in line with His Word, as a vessel for much needed healing and joy to my spirit.

I know how it feels to have a broken spirit that dries the bones. To be so consumed with exhaustion from seeing my son suffer that all my body wanted to do was to lie down and die and open my eyes in the presence of my Lord Jesus. Some badly dried and brittled bones I had. But glory to God, he is healing progressively, is nothing like he was before, and I stand on God’s Word for my son’s total healing.

I know I am VERY serious about God and His Word and the true Gospel being preached. I know I get offended FOR God when lies are being told about Him, His Word, and character, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love to laugh until I cry, until my belly aches.

God desires that we laugh and walk in joy. Choose to do so at every opportunity. Don’t  take yourself so seriously.

P.S. I am going a giveaway of my pro-life booklet and would love for you to check out the details, enter, and share with your friends wherever you can. Thank you. 

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What DO YOU win? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! (Just my sense of humor). But is this really true? It’s a blessing to be a blessing, so I believe you do in fact win.


I’m giving away 3 PAPERBACK copies of my pro-life book, MAMA, DON’T YOU KNOW? to one winner’s local, LIFE-AFFIRMING, crisis pregnancy center.

Mama Dont You Know Pro Life Book-1

So who wins? YOU do because a pro-life pregnancy center gets blessed.

Enter until 11/15/2019. A winner will be randomly chosen. I will need the winner’s city and state, and I will mail the books directly to them, contact them, and let you know when the shipping indicates it’s arrived to them.

I must hear from the winner no later than 72 hours or I will allow the system to redraw a new winner and repeat this until there’s a winner response. I’ve done contests before and never heard from the winner, so must add this term. I pray this doesn’t happen this time.


This giveaway is U.S. only for budgetary, logistical, and shipping options of the prize. My apologies for this limitation.

P.S. Making the length of entry time a little longer for my first giveaway of this book because I want to make sure I get enough entries.

Thanks for entering!!!