Prayer Assignment – Keanu Reeves (For God So Loved) – PODCAST – Episode 3

How the Lord recently led me to pray for Keanu Reeves.

A beautiful example of the truth of God’s Word in Luke 15, “Jesus goes after the one.”

These are some notes (very) scratched down notes so I wouldn’t forget what to say

  • 5 random dreams
  • Are you w/o understanding? So I was a LOT slow, and it took God 5 dreams for me to ask Him, Why do I keep having these dreams about Keanu Reeves. His answer, “I want you to pray for him.”
  • Cookies on my computer. Watched a couple videos. But I don’t believe much of what I see or read about people online so purposely not researching KR. Just praying for him to know God as Father and as I pray for my son, mother, and family.
  • I’d say to anyone who doesn’t know Jesus to not allow people to be a reflection of who God is. We are all works in progress and overall many who call themselves followers of Jesus don’t always represent Him all that well. Poorly even. That I didn’t understand or have any revelation about God until I put my faith in Jesus. THEN my eyes and ears were open.
  • This is such a clear example of how Jesus seeks after the one and calls us to pray for Him to send laborers to the harvest which is a big part of my prayers of course.
  • Read Luke 15; Romans 10:9-10; Rev 3:20