5.5x8.5-I AM WILLING COVER-9 21 2019


In John 5:6, Jesus says, “Do you want to be made well?” For some today, the answer is, "No," which is between each person and the Lord.

For some, the answer is, "Yes." If your answer is "yes," and you're petitioning the Lord for your son or daughter for healing from the affliction of autism and / or neuroimmune disorders, then this book is for you. 

In Part 1, you'll find powerful, Spirit-breathed prayers based on the Word of God, and in Part 2, you'll find...

  • Beautiful, faith feeding revelations from the Lord birthed from several intense times of prayer, fasting and seeking Him in the Word.
  • That healing is for today, and it is His will to heal.
  • You have way more faith than your think.
  • Revelations on faith and freedom from obstacles to healing.

I am seeing the Lord heal my son right before my eyes. As he says in his often literal manner, "I'm about 40% healed now." 

Since I've received a deep, personal, and rooted revelation of Jesus as Healer, I have been able to truly stand on the Word in childlike faith for my son to the Father and have seen him COMPLETELY healed from....

  • Rage, aggression, violence, and destruction that seemed would never.
  • Ramming his head for sensory and during frustration (including against myself). Gone.
  • A longtime severe and debilitating phobia. Forgotten. 
  • Able to eat longtime "forbidden foods" without psychiatric side effects due to increased inflammation on the brain.
  • Reasoning and rationalizing abilities growing. 

I pray we can also join our faith and pray for one another, so we can see the masses who desire healing be healed in Jesus' name.

UPDATE: I thought I'd finished this book in May 2019, but the Lord has led otherwise. I am adding a few more sections and continuing to edit it.