Oswald Spoon and the Trouble with Invisibility

FINAL-Original-paperback fron cover Oswald Spoon


Driven by family tragedy, twelve-year-old Oswald Spoon invents a material that bends light rendering the wearer of a suit made of it invisible. Only all his hard work becomes an invitation to a world of trouble and pain.

Will he ever find the answer to the one question that has nearly destroyed him and his family?

This Middle Grade mystery adventure is filled with intrigue and laugh out loud humor. Fall in love Oswald and his friends in this action-packed, nail-biting, twisty-turny, hits-you-right-in-the-heart, just can’t put it down read.

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LINK TO: Interactive Trivia Game (Reading Comprehension) and Writing Prompts for My Middle Grade Fiction Novel – Great for Your Book Club, Homeschool Reading Group or Enjoying Alone

Book Review of Oswald Spoon and the Trouble with Invisibility by Homeschool Literature:

“What 12 year old wouldn’t like to have the ability to become invisible? Oswald Spoon does just that by making an invisibility suit in this novel written by homeschool mom D.L. Perching. Included in this book of intrigue is humor and quick wit by the main character and his friends as they try to discover what happened to Oswald’s brother Ewan. It is a great read that includes great moments of friendship and being yourself, despite individual differences. These friends pull together as a team to try to make a difference in the great cause of modern slavery.

This would be a great book for middle school students who love a good mystery. The humor D.L. Perching injects into the storyline makes for a very readable tale. This is the author’s first book and I hope that there are many books more to follow! If you would like to learn more about D.L. Perching, take a look at our author’s review with this very talented writer.”