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Daniel Fast Foods – FREE Printable PDF: Simply Download, Nothing to Sign Up For

Daniel (1)

Read about Daniel here and why he prayed with fasting and how humbling ourselves before the Lord this way can be important when our spiritual ears need to be finetuned to hear from God, to bring about words from the Lord, to cast out certain kinds of demons, and to overcome by way of warring angels, etc. any demonic hindrances in the spirit realm and heavenlies that are keeping answers to our prayers from manifesting in the natural realm.

You can also read from Isaiah 58 to learn more about humbling oneself before the Lord with prayer that includes fasting. It is very important to note that for a fast like this, you should do every part of it (e.g. watch the words of your mouth and not speak wickedness, actively and passionately seek to relieve the suffering of others by blessing and feeding the hungry, etc. in addition to the prayer with fasting).

Prayer with fasting should be done with a pure heart before the Lord and based on His Word.

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FREE Printable – Healing Declarations for Your Child – Nothing to Sign Up For. Simply Click on Image and Download.

The Word is very clear that physical healing is also included in the atonement for ALL. Read Isaiah 53 prayerfully and dependent upon the Holy Spirit and see for yourself.

Sickness and death entered the world through sin. Thus, sin is the very root or entry point of sickness.

And what did Jesus do?

Not only did He heal us by His stripes (1 Peter 2:24) but He also atoned for sin thus destroying the very root of sickness – sin – and EVERYTHING that “grew” out of it. It’s up to each of us. We can either take Him for His Word or not. God says that Jesus paid for healing in full for all in the atonement, I believe it, and you can too.

God’s Word is life and health to our bodies. Here’s a free printable, all based on scripture, that you can use to “dose” the Word to your child who needs healing.

Size of printable is 8.5″ x 11″. Select borderless printing on your printer settings.Healing Declarations for your child