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Pro-Life Song: Mama Don’t You Know (Just Like You)

I wrote this pro-life song several years ago. I’m a writer, not a singer, but sang it for the melody I believe the Lord gave me (in the video below).

I have no idea how to compose music but have prayed for a divine connection to make that come to pass as well as a divine connection (possibly the same person) to sing it and help me get it produced.

This song is included in a pro-life booklet I recently wrote and can be purchased from Amazon and/or donated to your local pro-life pregnancy center.






What DO YOU win? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! (Just my sense of humor). But is this really true? It’s a blessing to be a blessing, so I believe you do in fact win.


I’m giving away 3 PAPERBACK copies of my pro-life book, MAMA, DON’T YOU KNOW? to one winner’s local, LIFE-AFFIRMING, crisis pregnancy center.

Mama Dont You Know Pro Life Book-1

So who wins? YOU do because a pro-life pregnancy center gets blessed.

Enter until 11/15/2019. A winner will be randomly chosen. I will need the winner’s city and state, and I will mail the books directly to them, contact them, and let you know when the shipping indicates it’s arrived to them.

I must hear from the winner no later than 72 hours or I will allow the system to redraw a new winner and repeat this until there’s a winner response. I’ve done contests before and never heard from the winner, so must add this term. I pray this doesn’t happen this time.


This giveaway is U.S. only for budgetary, logistical, and shipping options of the prize. My apologies for this limitation.

P.S. Making the length of entry time a little longer for my first giveaway of this book because I want to make sure I get enough entries.

Thanks for entering!!!

Pro-Life, Retaking the Land for God, Spiritual Warfare

How Abortion is Connected, Must be Abolished, and How to Pray on the Offensive to Retake the Land from the Enemy

abortion is one big link.png

Abortion MUST be abolished, and the church cannot afford to look away any more. This nation is in crisis. 

Abortion is one big link in a chain lowering the drawbridge of the now very steep slippery slope that has allowed the enemy, that is the Devil, to have his way in our land.

Masquerading as an angel of light, Hitler came in promising to be Austria’s savior. They were hurting and people were unemployed and hungry. Desperate and liking what they were hearing about receiving free things (sound familiar?), ninety-eight percent of the population voted to annex Austria to Germany making him their ruler.

Little by little, he gave them things and took all their rights and introduced all sorts of wickedness. Hitler dehumanized the Jews, the disabled, and whomever else he deemed dispensable. Soon Hitler hauled away the special needs children, experimented on them, and killed them.

Dehumanizing any people group at any stage of life creates a domino effect of devaluing whichever people group those in power deem dispensable. 

The choice to expand abortion laws in our land not only has evil, natural consequences, but also spiritual ones. Just as Adam and Even forfeited over their land and rights to the devil with their choices, so do we as a nation forfeit over more land to the powers of darkness when we allow wickedness. When we elect those who do not value life.

There are demonic spirits behind abortion and other agendas that must be broken through fervent prayer and fasting by the church UNTIL the power of darkness are broken and we RETAKE the land from the enemy.

Let’s pray…


Lord, we take authority over every principality and power of darkness, every demonic spirit behind abortion, humanism, eugenics, population control, devaluing life, pride and elitism, evolution and all these spirits that are exalting themselves against Your knowledge and truth.

We break ALL their power, uproot them in Your name and destroy them by Your blood. The passive ways and ignorance even in the church is mind blowing. People in the church fear man’s opinion of them more than they fear You. They bow to peer pressure so much so regarding abortion and other issues, they just go along with what their friends say. Holy Spirit bring conviction to the church about their fear of man.

We live for eternity and not for this temporal life. It’s better to please You than please and fear man. Fear of people’s opinions is a big reason why we are where we are in the name of grace and tolerance when true love is sharing Your truth so none would perish. People are perishing and going to hell because we are too much grace and not enough, Jesus’ arms are open, repent, be saved, and go and sin no more.

Lord, move on the church in such a way that a mighty spiritual army rises up to fast, pray, and do Your Word, so abortion is abolished, so we retake the land from the enemy.

It’s in Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Warriors for God, please share so prayers stretch everywhere.

How to Pray for Mothers Considering Abortion, Pro-Life

How to Pray for Mothers Considering Abortion

how to pray for moms considering abortion

Lord, we lift up mothers in the U.S. and everywhere upon the face of this earth even forming the thought to murder their own children through abortion.

And we ask that…

  • Your Holy Spirit draw them, convict them of the sin of desiring to murder their own children, and visit her in every possible way – signs, wonders, dreams, visions.
  • You set up divine appointments and meetings with credible Christian witnesses to point them to the truth. Fill Your witnesses’ mouths with the right words, perfectly suited for these mothers, timely and full of love, mercy, and grace, yet Your whole truth.
  • You give these witnesses words of knowledge so they know You are real. So they know You sent Your people on a mission of love to save them and their children.
  • You cause them to hear the voice of their unborn child calling to them as mother in their sleep.
  • You give them dreams of their children’s faces and that they see their own faces reflected in their innocent babies’, O God. Nothing is impossible with You.
  • You take away their stony hearts and give them hearts of flesh and help them open their hearts to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
  • You cause them to know that they know You are their Provider and can easily care and provide for them whether they raise their children themselves or selflessly puts them up for adoption.
  • when temptation comes You provide a way of escape [1 Corinthians 10:13], the eyes to see it, ears to hear it, and the grace and strength to choose it.
  • You provide exceedingly and abundantly for these mommas so they can flourish as they care for these blessings You created.
  • You surround them with love and real Jesus people to be a family to them.
  • If they choose adoption, that You connect them with families that love You and will love their children with the love of Christ and raise them in all Your ways.

It’s in Jesus name we pray, amen.

This pro-life booklet, Mama Don’t You Know?, can be given to a mother considering abortion by warriors who pray outside of abortion clinics or purchased by / donated to your local pro-life / life-affirming pregnancy center, etc.

Available at Amazon

Mama Dont You Know Pro Life Book-1


Share this prayer, and let’s get many praying everywhere for these mommas, and that’s what they became from the moment of conception.

Our fervent prayers will soften their hearts for the Lord and for their own children by moving stony hearts from the bosoms of many.

The movement and cries for justice to abolish abortion MUST be partnered with the fervent, effective prayers of God’s people. It’s so important to pray for hearts.