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The Incredible Way God Confirmed a Word About Healing He gave Me Multiple Times Using the Number 31 Over The Course of Several Months

31 offspring

God’s Word says, “His sheep heard His voice.” And sometimes, He gives us a word all at once or over the course of time. In this case, it was over the course of time. He confirms what He speaks to us because He loves us so much and:

  • To confirm a specific word He gave us from the Word, based on the Word, or something specific to us to say, “My child, you are on the right track, Yes, you’ve heard from me. Carry on, my beloved daughter or son.”
  • To encourage us, build our faith, remind us of His love, and show us that He always hears us and He cares.
  • To confirm any wisdom He may have already given you in answer to your prayers based on His Word, “If we ask for wisdom and do not doubt, He will give it,” and “Acknowledge Me in all you ways, and I will direct your path.”
  • To act according to His Word that “His sheep hear His voice,” and that He truly is that, “Voice behind us that says THIS is the way, walk in it.”

God continues to powerfully confirm His words to me regarding that He truly led me to write the prayer book I recently released. You will see the latest confirmation after the book excerpt from, Head to Toe Healing from Autism and Other Neuroimmune Disorders – A Book of 31 Scriptural Prayers for Your Child


Then, in May 2020, I looked up number 31’s prophetic meaning and saw that it means “offspring“. My prayer book, that He helped me with at every turn, is to cover YOUR CHILD in prayer, your OFFSPRING. Jesus! You never fail to keep me in awe of You. So, once again, this was the Lord encouraging me and telling me, “Yes, you heard from Me and were led my Me in writing the prayer book as I instructed for your offspring and the offspring of whosoever reads it. I told you to write 31 prayers. You did so, and guess what 31 represents, my child? Offspring. You indeed heard from me and obeyed. I know how you love My encouragement and will faithfully share it to encourage others too.”

Mind. Blown. Again by God.

You can watch a short video about the number 31 and its biblical meaning here.

These confirmations from the Lord are like gifts of love to us as well. Thank You, Father!

The Word says in Revelations, “We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of our testimony.” It is so important for us to share testimonies to encourage each other’s faith. God may lead someone to read this that is questioning whether he or she heard from Him, and this post may be exactly what they need to read.

I recorded the detailed testimony (just above) on YouTube in this link below:

Powerful Confirmations & Instructions from the Lord when Healing is Progressive // Autism // Healing from Sickness // Book of Joshua

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Dreaming About Numbers Lately – 44, 56, 152

152 44 56

“And it shall come to pass afterward
That I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh;
Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
Your old men shall dream dreams,
Your young men shall see visions.

JOEL 2:28

Ask God to give you dreams, expecting them by faith according to His Word, and you will have them. Maybe not the first night, but keep asking. In faith, always.

Sharing dreams on my blog because they may be a confirmation to you as well.

5/7/2020 – Dreamt of the numbers 44 and 56.

I was in a museum like ice cream shop, and when me and a friend went to pay for our ice cream to our shock, my bill for one ice cream cone was $44 (and an amount of change I cannot recall), and my friend’s bill, also for one ice cream cone was $56 (and an amount of change I cannot recall).

I knew when I woke up it wasn’t about expensive ice cream but the Lord drawing my attention to the numbers.

I wrote the numbers down when I woke knowing it was a God dream and around lunchtime today, I popped on YouTube, and the first thing I saw was this community post by Luke Harding….

luke harding 444

So, this 44 and 444 confirmation are major for me, my faith and my heart as a person whom I love dearly and for whom I am praying fervently to the Lord for victory, healing, and deliverance is named Jacob. Glory to the Lamb of God who forgives all our sins, heal all our diseases, and paid for ALL the curse of the law, so by faith, we can exchange the “bad” in our lives for the good He paid for. Victory doesn’t always come as fast as we want it to, but we can boldly expect it to come.

Many are the afflictions of the righteous,
But the Lord delivers him out of them ALL.

PSALM 34:19

I have yet to dig deeper with the Lord on anything else He is trying to speak to me through the numbers 44 and 56, but I did have a chance to glance at the Psalms they relate to and they are very applicable to my prayers overall.

5/4/2020 – I dreamt of the number 152.

I was riding in a car, and someone literally raised up this digital reader and showed it to me. It looked like 122 at first, and the person said, “Not 122. 152.”

When I woke up, I looked up Psalm 15:2 and read all of Psalm 15. It’s all about how to abide with God and never be shaken.

A few days before this dream, a friend and I were texting back and forth about living in the secret place with the Lord and what it means to truly abide in Him.

I will prayerfully look up more verses related to these numbers over the course of this next week to see if there is more to learn from the Lord as I am not certain I have the full interpretation yet on these numbers. Well, with the exception of 44, but there could be more.

There is also a pastor who teaches on the numbers in the Bible and their meaning, so I will check it out glean from his site as well, then take it to the Lord for help and confirmation. That site is called Prophetic Numbers if you are interested.